Ready for an in-tents experience

When you’re a little kid, freedom has two wheels: a bicycle. When you’re a bigger kid, freedom comes with zippers and flaps and mosquito netting: a tent in which to shut out the world and soak up the moonbeams. Tents have progressed a long way from those mildewed canvas lodges you may have grown up with. Today’s designs are lively, lightweight architectural feats offering packable, weatherproof shelter. Technological advances, high industry standards and creative competition have turned tendon into a buyer’s market, but this means that when you go shopping, it’s especially important to have a clear idea of what your camping style is and how you’ll use your portable home.

Types of Shelters

Tarps and Wings These simplest and lightest of all shelters let you define your space creatively. Setting up a tarp demands more skill from its user than pitching most tents; you’ll need to read the weather for proper placement, make use of available materials (like trees, boulders or canoe paddles), and know the knots that produce a weatherproof rig. Floorless tarps and their fancier cousins, wings, offer no bug protection and are best suited to warm-weather conditions. Read more

The checklist of pre–flight of quadcopter for the beginners

In order to keep the quadcopter and you safe when flying, you should look at the below pre–flight checklist.

The purpose of this checklist is to ensure that you will not waste time to fix any parts and get ready for the flight when you have a blast flight with the quadcopter. You may read this checklist on the top best quadcopters reviews in 2016 already.

The below is a checklist that you need to use before every flight: Read more

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