What are best impact drivers of 2016 available in market?

Currently, impact drivers are substituting the traditional hammer drills in various toolboxes because of the whole amount of a twisting they offer while handling big jobs or tasks. Moreover, users should look at while looking for the suitable impact driver numerous things.

Keeping the above-mentioned information in mind, I have gathered the useful information about the best impact driver of 2016, for the prospective buyers in order to help them to make a sound decision.

However, the majority of the users do not prefer impact drivers to the utilization of the cordless drills; still there is something, which draws the buyer’s attention such as driving power & torque. It is worth mentioning that, this desiring requirement for additional power is converting several professionals & DIYer’s to use the impact driver.

Best Impact Drivers 2016

Checking things out carefully, before purchasing something big such as impact driver might help the users to purchase correct one according to their current needs.

  1. Dewalt DCF895D2

It is considered as a one of best impact drivers of 2016 for homeowners and professionals alike with a 1500 Ibs of twisting. This impact driver comes with an original technology, which woodworkers, construction workers, HVAC technicians, cabinetmakers and other experts use, on the daily basis. Its 20v maximum lithium battery can last longer and offer the huge amount of power for toughest tasks.

The particularly designed Dewalt electronics are put together in the switch of the impact driver, which give it defense from several tool-damaging issues such as deep discharge, overheating and overloading when it is being used.

  1. Makita LXDT01 18V

It is worth mentioning that 1460 pounds of the torque are an ideal start to several reasons this Makita LXDT01 18V is user preferred. Moreover, variable speed center weighs 10.3 pounds and offers whopping 1460-pounds of twisting for driving & clip projects. As compare to other traditional batteries, the 18v max lithium ion battery of this impact driver can keep it running longer.

The blue and black color, affordable price and comfort design are certain explanations behind the acceptance of this impact driver. There is no need to become a professional contractor in order to use it, however, it does better work for DIY jobs and any kind of building application.

  1. Porter-Cable PCCK640LB

If users are looking for the combo pack, which fits all their driving requirements, then they are going to adore the porter cable PCCK640LB impact driver. This impact driver offers 1,450 pounds of twisting/ inch and contain an adjustable speed transmission which gives nine-hundred RMPs.

Moreover, its compact design is making it more user favorite. Users will truly adore the single-handed effortless loading with ¼ “hex chuck. They can use this impact driver to driver through wood, metal and for fastening jobs.

The 20v max lithium ion battery of this impact driver provides superfluous power and runtime as compared to standard batteries.

  1. Milwaukee M18 Fuel

Users will really enjoy by having a multiple speed setting with this impact driver leaving them with a choice to alter the speed torque for very small tasks than to accommodate the setting in order to expel extra force and power for tougher jobs. Moreover, it has a built-in LED fuel device which permit the users to keep track of the remaining energy makes it one of good impact drivers of 2016.

Moreover, it is created while keeping in mind the friendly conveniences. Users do not have to be worried about the reactionary twisting as they would if they purchased cordless drill decreasing the risk of damage and causing tiredness to their wrist from all twisting.

  1. Bosch Hybrid 18 V

It is important to mention that hybrid use or dual use on this impact driver chuck is surely a great feature several works will enjoy. Users should also prepare themselves for some extreme twisting as Bosch Hybrid beats out the Milwaukee higher end impact driver without trouble.

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