What Factors should be kept in mind While Considering the Running Shoes for Wide Feet in Sport Field

Before moving ahead, I would like to ask that do you have the wide feet & are searching for the running shoes, which are suitable, and goes well with your current foot conditions. However, they never know how to decide the sizes and width correctly & what footwear must be on list for person’s wide feet.

Keeping this mind, this article is going to give the important and valuable information about the things, which should be considered while selecting the running shoes for wide feet, which are currently available in the market.

Often women have very wide feet as compare to men as their hips are extremely wide which make them to move inwards and over pronate. Thus, obviously persons with the over pro pronation frequently have very wide feet as compare to those who never.

Few Common Causes

  • Pregnancy: in spite of putting extra pressure on ligaments and muscles, bodies also make the hormone known as relaxin. It helps to make the muscles relax. Few are able to come back to their standard size after delivering a baby while others always wear a very large size.
  • Aging: person’s feet are always enlarged with age because of stretched muscles and ligaments in their feet.
  • Extra Standing: nurses, security guards & restaurant industry employees are sometimes have wider feet as their job demands standing for longer periods which make the feet wider with the passage of time.
  • Chubbiness: increasing weight always put extra pressure on the feet & levels ligaments and muscles out.

Ways for Determining Whether Person have Narrow or Wide Feet

It is worth stating that it is quite bad if person run or walk in the tight shoes as it can hurt him. It is advisable that never save money for the suitable footwear if you never willing to invest in treating bunions and blisters.

While selecting the running shoes for wide feet always measure both size and width. The proper size never means that width is correct for feet. Footwear’s which are too narrow or too wide might cause foot issue. Thus, it is extremely vital for the people to examine if their feet are wide or narrow. They can check it by simply following the below mentioned steps:

Step# 1

Firstly, make two pieces of the paper & put these pieces on floor. Then wear socks which you regularly wear with the shoes.


Secondly, put feet on papers. Then have somebody utilize the pen in order to draw around the feet.


Thirdly, with the help of scale measure the very wide part of the each foot.


Now, write the numbers of the both feet. Then, from the very large number, minus 1/8 of the inch. As a result, this particular number is selected as width.


Now look up carefully footwear width size graph & then find shoe size consequently.

In case of buying too tight shoes, you can face following problems


Corns are the soft tissue lumps between toes due to friction and pressure caused by tight shoes. For solving this issue, people are able to put the foam cushion over a corn in order to lessen the friction and pressure.


Bunions are the bone malformation when big toes move inwards towards second toes & sometimes appear with the inflammation and throbbing pain. Moreover, they can be caused due to genetic factors however; few persons suffered bunions just because of wearing very tight shoes. Furthermore, surgery might be selected for correcting this malformation however; a shift to the wide toe box footwear might be an ideal deal.

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